2012 Wedding at The VOX Theater

Bride Miranda Prepares Wedding Vows

Congratulations to Miranda and TJ! They had their wedding at The VOX Theater and I am looking forward to meeting with them and their family this weekend for their wedding proof party. Below are a few of my favorite wedding photos from the big day. Thank you Miranda and TJ!

Looking for a wedding photographer? Please drop me a line or give me a call for your free wedding photography…

Portraits Gallery Expanded

As promised in the post from yesterday, I have added more portraits from our portrait session in Garden City a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

As a side note, I am looking for a quality runner that can assist with weddings. Not a second shooter but someone who can assist with setting up lights, tear down, and gathering and posing people. If interested, please drop me a…

Children Are Precious

I have to say that I love it when a family asks me to take pictures of their children. You can always capture the most incredible, natural portraits with kids. They don’t care what their hair looks looks like or if their shirt is tucked in. They only care about how much fun they are having right this second. Don’t you wish we could all live in the moment like that?

Anyways, I want to thank…

20 Wedding Portraits In Raymore, MO

This weekend was productive! I have added 20 Wedding photos to my online gallery. Maybe this is a sign of things to come and I will finally be able to get my online portfolio published and online, maybe not. Depends a lot on how busy I am. But for now, we have progress! Want to check out the latest Wedding photos and wedding portraits that I have posted? Then follow the link…

New Website. New Products. New Services.

Children's Portrait In The Park

ABOUT TIME!  I initially announced these changes to Jeff Coe Photography over a year ago and due to scheduling issues I could never seem to actually make the changes happen.  I have really focused the last couple months on making sure these changes take place and I am now proud to announce our new website and menu of product and services, sort of.  The work is never done and so it is here as…

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